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         Click on the links below to see photos of our trip so far.....


        Caribbean 1500 Rally, November (2003)                

          Virgin Islands, December (2003)

        Leeward Islands and beyond.., January through April (2004)

        Panama Canal, May (2005)

        The Galapagos Islands, May (2005)


                                       The South Pacific

        French Polynesia:  Marquesas,  June/July (2005)

                                   Tuamotus,  July (2005)

                                   Society Islands, August (2005)


        The Cook Islands:  Palmerston Island, September (2005)

        The Island of Niue, September (2005)

        The Kingdom of Tonga, October (2005)

        Fiji, November (2005)

        New Zealand, November (2005) to April (2007)

                                     South Island Trip Feb/March (2006)


                                     The Passage to South Africa

        New Caledonia, May (2007)

        Australia, June/July (2007)

        Cocos (Keeling) Islands, August (2007)

        Rodrigues Island, September (2007)

        Mauritius, September/October (2007)

        Reunion Island, October (2007)

        South Africa:  KwaZulu-Natal, November/December (2007)

                               Eastern Cape, December (2007)

                               Western Cape, December (2007)/January (2008)


                                              Homeward Bound

         St. Helena, February (2008)

         Caribbean:  Antigua, March/April (2008)

                           Guadeloupe and the Windwards, April (2008)

                           British Virgin Islands, May (2008)


          Home Again.....                                      






















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