Reunion Island



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Approaching Reunion

Sailing along the southern coast on our approach to St. Pierre

St. Pierre Marina

View down the dock at the marina with the mountains in the background

Bilge Rat

Trying to get out of the bilge after checking the bilge pumps

Getting Ready

Stowing the parachute anchor rode on deck -- just in case..

Parachute Anchor Setup

The parachute anchor bridle and rode, ready to deploy if needed

Reflections of Iron Mistress

A very still day at the marina -- a mirror image of the Iron Mistress

Car Tour

On our way up to the mountains

Look out point

Stopping to enjoy the mountain view

Reunion Mountains

Mountain Peaks on the way to Cilaos

Hair Pin Turn

One of the 200 plus hair-pin turns on the way to Cilaos

Cirque de Cilaos

Cilaos lies between the island's two highest mountain peaks

Springtime in Cilaos

Beautiful flowers in bloom throughout the area

Downtown Cilaos

The mountains provide a beautiful back drop throughout the town

Learning French

Colorful signs (only in French)

Central Momument

A momument in the center of town

Mountain Garden

A beautiful vegetable garden in Cilaos

Central Cilaos

Beautiful church in the center of town

French Restaurant

We enjoyed a delicious traditional meal

Bon appetit!

Robert, Elyse and Jack enjoying a nice French wine

Cilaos Hospital

What a magnificent setting

Cirque de Salazie

On our way up the mountains on a rainey, misty day


The mountain tops are obscured by the thick mist

Town of Hell-Bourg

If not for the rain, this would have been a beautiful spot to have a picnic

Storm Clouds

Approaching storm clouds along the coast

Coastal Road

Driving along the western coastline

St. Gilles Les Bains

Small marina along the western coast in the town of St. Gilles

Too bright!

Everyone needs shades in the bright sun!

Cliff Hangers

These cliffs along the southern coast are covered with metal caging to keep the rocks from falling on the motorway -- looks like very dangerous work!


They even place birdhouses along the caging - very eco-minded society

Coastal View

Ascending the mountain road on the southern coast

Sugar Cane Field

The mountain rode winds through never ending fields of sugar cane

Sugar Cane Fields

Once the cane is harvested, it is loaded onto this trailer for transport

Transfer Station

Then the trailers are brought to this transfer station and the sugar cane is loaded onto the larger truck for transport to the processing plant

A Simpler Way

...or you can carry your own supply of sugar cane on your scooter!

Mountain Farm

A mountainside farm overlooking the Indian Ocean

Roadside Shrine

One of the many shrines around the island dedicated to Reunion's national saint, Saint Expedit

Water Collection

Collecting the fresh mountain water for the town reservoir

La Cascade de Grand-Galet

Magnificent waterfall at the end of the mountain road

Mountain Waterfall

Very refreshing on a hot day

St. Joseph

Downtown St. Joseph, a town along the southern coast

Our youngest visitor

Elyse with our youngest visitor to the Iron Mistress -- Nikyta, daughter of Kristel and Julio, French cruisers at the marina in St. Pierre

The Happy Family

Kristel, Julio and Nikyta on board the Iron Mistress

Dinner with Friends

Elyse with Harve (Julio's Dad), Julio, Nikyta and Kristel

Fast asleep

Nikyta sleeping soundly

New Friends

Robert and Julio -- A la votre

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