The Kingdom of Tonga



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The Mermaid

View of the Mermaid from the fuel dock in Neiafu

Cruisers Gathering

Tom and Sue from "Nechtan" and Kian from "My Chance".

Mermaid concert

Tom from "Nechtan" in full regalia, entertained the cruisers with his bagpipes

The Mermaid

One of the carvings in The Mermaid cafe

The Mermaid

Interior walls covered with various "treasures"

Enjoying friends

From left, Kian and Aglim of "My Chance", Elyse, and in front Noel of "Mariah II"

Making new friends

Robert with a new found friend

Tonga dancers

Friday evening performance

Tonga dancers

Traditional dancing

Solo performance

The dancer's skin is oiled so the dollar bills given by the audience will stick

Fire dancer

The highlight of the evening was the dance with fire...

Fuel dock, Neiafu

Iron Mistress at the fuel dock in Neiafu


We took the "Whalesong" tour to get a chance to swim with the humpback whales that migrate to Tonga each year

Keeping a lookout

Everyone had to keep a close watch to spot the whales

Getting upclose

Once spotted, we snorkeled from the boat to the whales

Closer look

It was incredible how massive these mammals are when you are in their territory...


The whale ready to dive to deeper depths


Checking out each other....

Mother and baby humpbacks

The baby keeps close to it's mother

Playful youth

A baby humpback

Baby Humpback

The baby enjoyed swimming around the curious swimmers

South Pacific Sunset

The end of another beautiful day in Neiafu, Vava'u, Tonga

Ano Beach

Tom of "Hapai", Robert and Elyse at the site of a "traditional" Tongan feast that we were going to attend.....

Dinner table

This is the tongan feast dinner table, although once the sun went down, we got attacked by mosquitos, and decided to skip the event....

Vava'u, Tonga

Beautiful scenery around the Vava'u Group

Going for a swim

The crew of "Hapai" - Rick, Karen and Alberto - diving into the crystal clear blue waters...

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