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Royal Suva Yacht Club

The outside bar/patio at the RSYC

Royal Suva Yacht Club

Inside at the Billfish Bar

Royal Suva Yacht Club

The function hall


At least they are up-front about it...

Royal Suva Yacht Club

Outside tent area for functions

Dress-up Night at RSYC

L to R: Spencer and Nana of "Adverse Conditions", Noel and Jackie of "Mariah II", Kian and Aglim of "My Chance" and Elyse and Robert

RSYC Protest Bar

The guys at the Protest Bar

RSYC Dinner

The girls decked out

Reef Fishing

You have to enlarge this one to appreciate it -- out in the middle of no where - the waves breaking over the reef in the background...


On our way to Musket Cove

Engine Troubles

Steve and Robert working on the dinghy engine

The Band Divine

Live band at Cardo's Restaurant at Denarau Marina

Vuda Point Marina

The Iron Mistress moored at Vuda Point Marina

Taking a break

Steve enjoying is "holiday" aboard the Iron Mistress

Musket Cove

The beautiful anchorage of Musket Cove

Party Time

The Iron Mistress crew and the crew of Neriki at Musket Cove (aboard the catamaran Neriki)

The party continues...

The gang ashore at Musket Cove


Steve gets abducted by some of the Neriki crew

Musket Cove, Fiji

The party continues....

Dinner's almost ready

Steve from Neriki and Steve from Iron Mistress checking on dinner

Farewell Dinner

Our last night in Musket Cove, with great company and a great BBQ