Cook Islands



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                                                                                                                       Palmerston Island          

Passage to Palmerston

Sunset at sea

Palmerston Island

Making landfall

Sale Day

Clothing sale aboard Tall Ship Picton Castle

Palmerston Friends

Elyse with one of the Palmerston Island children

Cruising Friends

Jackie and Noel of "Mariah II" aboard the Picton Castle

Palmerston Family

Our "host" Bob Marsters with his wife and children

Island life

One of the buildings along the main road

"City streets"

Main Street in Palmerston

Main thoroughfare

Another view of the main road through town

Palmerston Beaches

Elyse with Aglim of "My Chance"

You can see the tall ship "Picton Castle" in the background

The Island Mascot

The island pig gets all the leftovers. With the many BBQs we attended all week, he was well fed!

Party Time

Cruisers and islanders enjoying the festivities

Traditional Dance

The men performing a traditional polynesian dance

Dancing continues

The ladies performing their traditional Polynesian dance

Palmerston Island youth

Enjoying the festivities

The Marsters Clan

Bob, Joseph and Ahkim Marsters with a copy of "Points East" magazine, whose editor (Sandy Marsters) is related to the Palmerston Marsters

Bonfire on the Beach

Relaxing after a day of festivities


Moon rise over Palmerston Island


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