The Island of Niue



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Alofi Harbor, Niue

Iron Mistress on a mooring in Alofi Harbor. We were lucky enough to get one of the last moorings available in the harbor when we arrived..

Dinghy Crane at Wharf

The only way to get ashore in Niue -- raise your dinghy by the crane, put it on a trolley and wheel it to the side on the wharf.

Crazy Uga, Alofi, Niue

Crazy Uga's was the gathering place for cruisers at the end of the day.

Crazy Uga Cafe

The outside patio offered great views of the harbor below

Crazy Uga Cafe

Friendly staff, good food and cold beer

View from Crazy Uga's

Overlooking Alofi Harbor from the patio on the cliffs above

Easy Rider

We toured the island by motorbike, a Suzuki 175

Hiking, Niue

Robert hiking the rugged trail to one of the chasms

Niue coastline

The rugged coastline with caves and chasms is beautiful

Abandoned Homes

Many abandoned homes scattered the landscape, a result of the January hurricane. Many families left Niue for New Zealand.

Road signs

The local school bus stop

Local artwork

One of the roadside stone carvings

Rugged coastline

View from the cliffs

Town Fair

We went to the local town fair held at the high school grounds. Prizes were given for the best homegrown produce.

Enjoying the Fair

Fresh fruit smoothies were delicious

Coconut Crab

Niue's Coconut Crabs were a big hit at the Fair and the word was they are good eating. After the Fair the crabs were for sale so we just had to try them.

Dinner's Ready

One of our crabs after it was steamed....

Togo Hike

Climbing down the ravine to the caves below

Base of the Ravine

The coconut palms rise up almost reaching the edge of the ravine.

Togo Cave

The caves were incredible, with the ocean rushing in over the rocks

Togo Cave

Elyse inside the Togo Cave with friends Cress and Irena of "Conversations".


Robert, Irena and Cress emerged from the caves unscathed

Enjoying Niue

Crew of Iron Mistress

Stairway to Heaven

The only way back up the ravine

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