New Caledonia



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Visitor at Sea

This small bird landed on Elyse's head while sitting in the cockpit 400 miles out of NZ

Passage to New Caledonia

Sunset on passage

Noumea, New Caledonia

The local market provided a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables

Noumea Market

Decisions, decisions.....


You can never have enough fresh French Bread

Prony Bay

Birthday celebrations in New Caledonia

Prony Bay

One of the many secluded anchorages in Prony Bay

Making new friends

Elyse with Umberto, a single-hander from Spain, and his dog Toa

Southern New Caledonia

The landscape of southern New Caledonia

Alternative Energy

Many wind turbines could be seen scattered throughout the countryside

Uie Bay

Iron Mistress at anchor

Porcupine Island

The spikes of the colonial pines are seen throughout the landscape of New Caledonia

End of another day

Enjoying the sunset

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