Virgin Islands




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   We spent most of December cruising around the US Virgin Islands, with the majority of time spent at St. John.  This is a beautiful island with 3/4 of it belonging to the National Park Service. 

 Here is the Iron Mistress at anchor in Leinster Bay, St. John, USVI







We spent a lot of time meeting up with several Caribbean 1500 boats at various anchorages.  We hiked around St. John several times, usually meeting for lunch at "Skinny Legs" in Coral Bay, St. John.  We had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at Maho Bay, St. John.





The "Original" Skinny Legs!





                                                                                      Elyse and Ron from "Flyby" visiting with "Jarro"

                                                                                            Iron Mistress at anchor in the background.






 Wild donkeys cruising the shoreline at Leinster Bay, St.John







        Some of the old sugar mill ruins on St. John  overlooking the BVI's in the distance.








      This was taken in Christmas Cove, near St. Thomas.  The water was crystal clear and this shark sucker (a type of remora) was hanging around the boat for a while. 





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