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Model Ship

Jack on Fantasy with his model ship -- but wait -- that looks like the Iron Mistress!! (Thanks Vunsh for the great photo!)

On Passage

Passage to Mauritius with S/V Fantasy at dawn

Port Louis Customs

Customs House in Port Louis, Mauritius

Customs Dock

Iron Mistress at the Customs Dock

Mauritius Customs Officers

Filling out the arrival paperwork

Customs Dock

The dock was not yacht friendly -- trying to get back on the boat at low tide

The Original Customs House

The old 18th century windmill at the original Customs house was left intact during the modernization of the waterfront

Old Cannon

One of the old cannons at the original Customs house

Caudan Marina, Port Louis

Iron Mistress at the Caudan Marina in Port Louis

Marina Security

The marina security tower at Caudan Marina

USS Normandy

The USS Normandy was in Port Louis for a few days while we were there

Chinese Fishing Boats

Some of the many Chinese fishing boats that were in Port Louis

The Caudan Waterfront

This modern complex includes apartments, offices, a cinema, restaurants, a bank, museum, casino, craft market and shops.

Port Louis Waterfront

All the shops and restaurants continue around the harbor to the Port Louis Waterfront

Pedestrian Tunnel

The pedestrian tunnel was an easy way to get downtown without risking the street traffic

Downtown Port Louis

Once through the tunnel, it was a different world from the cosmopolitan waterfront -- downtown Port Louis

Port Louis downtown

A common mode of transportation was the scooter and motor bike

Port Louis Central Market

The market has everything available in one grand place -- vegetables, meat, fish, clothing and handicrafts

The Central Market

A view of the bustling market from the second floor

Decisions, decisions

A pound of fresh tomatoes for 25 to 30 rupees, a little less than $1 USD

The Central Market

The abundance of fresh veggies was incredible

The Color Purple

Picking out eggplant

The Beef Market

This really cements the fact that vegetarians have the right idea!!

Photo Op

Vunsh of "Fantasy" with two Italian tourists we met near the market

Cruiser's gathering

Cocktail hour on the Iron Mistress -- (L to R): Elyse, Jack and Pete from "Fantasy" and Kari, Hans and Lars of "Medusa" from Norway

Jennifer and Ruben

Friends from Mauritius -- thanks for the great lunch!!

Sugar Cane Field

Sugar cane is still harvested by hand throughout the island

Sugar Cane Field

Back breaking work in the hot sun

Sugar Cane Harvest

Sugar cane on its way to the processing plant

Roadside Church

A quaint country church on the outskirts of Grand Baie

The Moka Mountain Range

One of the mountain peaks called "Pouce" - meaning thumb shaped. This mountain peak can also be seen from Port Louis

Trois Mamelles

The peak with the boulder balanced on its tip is called Pieter Both

Trou aux Cerfs

Looking down into an extinct volcanic crater, about 2000 feet above sea level

View from the volcanic crater

Jack and Elyse

Iron Mistress Crew

Robert and Elyse at the crater, Trou aux Cerfs

"Historic Marine" - Model Shipbuilding Factory

A tour of the factory workshop - here turning a belaying pin for one of the ships on a lathe

The Finished Product

The detail of the belaying pin, next to my pinky finger for scale

"Historic Marine" - Model Shipbuilding Factory

One of the girls tying all the rigging in place

Grand Bassin

A natural lake in the crater of an extinct volcano (at 2100 ft), believed to be sacred by Hindus. Here is one of the ornate statues around the lake.

Hindu Statue

One of the tallest statues in the area, over 100 ft tall. Jack is standing at the base of the statue!

Grand Baie

Iron Mistress at anchor in Grand Baie, a beautiful harbor on the north west corner of the island

Grand Baie Yacht Club

GBYC provided free membership for cruising yachts during our stay in Grand Baie

Grand Baie Yacht Club

A beautiful spot to relax, enjoy a good meal and a cold beer

Grand Baie Water Taxi

Tourists from the resorts get around the harbor by water taxi

Mauritius Fody

Every afternoon, this tree would be covered with hundreds of these beautiful birds

Leaving Mauritius

Making our way out of the Port Louis Harbor - next stop Reunion

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