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9/27/2003 to 5/30/2008

Our original plan for this circumnavigation is a west-about route via the Caribbean, Panama Canal, South Pacific to New Zealand; then on to Australia and across the southern Indian Ocean around the Cape of Good Hope, across the south Atlantic to Brazil and back to the Caribbean. But as all sailors know, even the best laid plans are never written in stone. So we will update this section as we go along whenever possible. (Note: The numbers on the map do not correspond to the chapters below).

Each area will be separated by "Chapters". Hope you enjoy the trip....

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Chapter 3 - The Galapagos Islands - May 2005

Chapter 4 - French Polynesia: Marquesas Islands - June/July 2005

Tuamotu Archipelago - July 2005

Society Islands - August 2005

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