French Polynesia



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                                                                                                                  TUAMOTU ARCHIPELAGO

Ahe atoll, Tuamotus

The main roadway on the atoll as it winds through a grove of coconut palms

Ahe, Tuamotus

This roadway links the surrounding motus, but is only accessible by 4x4's at low tide. Locals either use this road or come by boat to the village of Tenukupara for supplies

Grocery Store, Ahe

This is the only grocery store in the village. Supplies are limited as the supply ship from Tahiti arrives about once a month

Fresh pineapplies

This local couple got the last of the fresh pineapples from the store

Making new friends in Ahe

Jerry and August in their Polynesian dance costumes

Ahe, Tuamotus

August and Jerry doing a traditional dance


Robert getting dance lessons. Who said white men can't dance???

The Ahe boys

Jerry, Aglim, Robert and August

The Ahe girls

Kian and Elyse with Jerry and August

Ahe anchorage

My Chance and Iron Mistress at anchor in the lagoon. We were the only two boats here during our stay

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