Cocos Keeling Islands



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Passage to Cocos

Sunset at sea on our passage from Darwin to Cocos Keeling Islands

Booby Love

Another booby cooing at the wind generator while on passage

Ashmore Reef

Customs boat stationed at Ashmore

Dinghy Lift

Getting lifted up in the dinghy to the Customs boat at Ashmore

Customs tour

Tour of the Customs boat after a homemade pizza lunch

Indonesian Dinghy

One of the Indonesian dinghies going ashore at Ashmore for fresh water

Hauling anchor

No electric windlasses on these boats. Here the crew is hauling up the anchor

Conning for coral heads

One of the crew up the mast to watch for coral heads scattered throughout the lagoon

West Island, Ashmore Reef

Taking the dinghy ashore at West Island

West Island, Ashmore Reef

What's left of one of the old shipwrecks

West Island, Ashmore Reef

Three Indonesian fisherman are buried on West Island

Extreme tides, Ashmore Reef

The tide went out a little farther than we expected -- thankfully we had wheels on the dinghy

Australian Navy

The Navy inflatable approaching to pick us up and take us to the Mother ship for dinner

Dinghy Ride

Screaming along at 40 knots, it was like an amusement park ride....

The Crew

Elyse with the Navy crew

Australian Navy

Elyse with the Captain and one of the crew on the Quarterdeck of the Navy Patrol boat

Cocos Keeling, Indian Ocean

Anchorage at Direction Island, Cocos Keeling

Cocos Keeling

View from the Iron Mistress at Direction Island

The Rip

The Rip is the popular snorkeling spot at the end of Direction Island

The Rip

The ocean waves crashing against the reef

Snorkeling the Rip

Elyse with Jack from "Fantasy" after snorkeling the Rip

Direction Island, Cocos Keeling

Ashore at Direction Island

Cocktail hour

Elyse with Matt, Hugh, John and Patricia of the sailing vessel "Kehaulani"

Home Island

Fueling up at Home Island

The Fueling Process

Transporting the jerry cans from the fuel station to the beach where the dinghy is tied up


It's a long process ferrying the jerry cans to the dinghy

Local Inhabitant

Hermit Crab on Home Island

Message in the Sand

Leaving our mark.... at least until the tide comes in

Home Island, Cocos Keeling

One of the residential streets on Home Island

Home Island, Cocos Keeling

The supermarket on Home Island

Snack Break

Local island child eyeing the potatoe chips that Vunsh (S/V Fantasy) is eating...

Local transportation

All the residents of Home Island use these type of vehicles to get around

Direction Island, Cocos Keeling

View of the cruiser's picnic area on Direction Island

Cruiser's BBQ

Fitz of yacht "Columbus" getting the grill started


Enjoying the company of the other cruisers in the anchorage

Direction Island

The ferry dock at Direction Island

The Iron Mistress

View from atop the mast

Direction Island

View from atop the mast of the island

S/V Fantasy

Fantasy at anchor

The Rip

View of the Rip and surrounding reef

Direction Island anchorage

View of the anchorage from atop the mast

There are all kinds out there...

One of the strange boats that came into the anchorage...

Phoning Home

The "phone booth" on Direction Island -- the Iron Mistress anchored in the background


On Direction Island

Iron Mistress was here

Leaving our sign on Cocos - a yachtie tradition

Crew of Iron Mistress

Our newly hung sign above....

Sheltered Picnic Area

All the many signs and artifacts left by passing yachts over the years.

Hosts of the Party

Vickie and Larry

Party Time

Everyone enjoying the party

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