Rodrigues Island



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S/V Fantasy

Leaving Cocos Keeling with S/V Fantasy

Approaching Rodrigues

The Captain, approaching Rodrigues Island after a 2000 mile passage

A Good Catch

The wahoo we caught on our approach to Port Mathurin Harbor - already filleted

Port Mathurin Dock

The Iron Mistress rafted to Fantasy at the Port Mathurin dock

Port Mathurin Harbor

View of the harbor from the Iron Mistress out at anchor


Augustus, one of the Coast Guard guys, rented us his truck to travel around the island

A Local Market

One of the local markets around the island

Carrying Groceries

The locals are used to carrying their provisions on their head


One of the oldest cathedrals on the island


The local cemetery across from the cathedral


Another view of the cemetery


One of the homes along the southern coastal region

Housing Contrast

A home on the other end of the spectrum


Owner of "Chez Jeannette", a restaurant we found up in the mountains

Lunch break

Elyse and Robert (center), with Vunsh (left) and Jack (right) of "Fantasy" at Chez Jannette

Enjoying a good meal

Vunsh, Jack, Robert, Elyse and Clet, a local policeman, who escorted us to the restaurant

Local produce

Bananas will ripen soon


Downtown Port Mathurin artwork

Captain Jack

Jack of "Fantasy" entertaining the local school children.

(Photo courtesy of Vunsh of "Fantasy").

Port Mathurin

One of the "city" streets


One of the French words we learned quickly! A daily stop at the local bakery.

Port Mathurin

Another view of the city from the Immigration building

Saturday morning market

Each Saturday, the street near the Port is closed to traffic for all the merchants to display their wares

Saturday Market

The vegetables were all local and fresh

Saturday Market

Two pounds of potatoes for 20 cents US -- what a bargain!

Saturday Market

Buying local oranges

Saturday Market

Numerous varieties of chilli pepper spreads are available -- delicious and HOT!

Saturday Market

Dozens of local craftsmen displaying woven baskets and placemats

Port Mathurin

Colorful landscape

War Memorial

A war memorial on the waterfront in Port Mathurin

The Slauter House

The supply ship brings in pigs and cattle and early in the mornings you can hear the screams of the animals being slaughtered -- all in preparation for Market Day

The Beef Market

Really makes you want to become a vegetarian!!

Market Purchases

Some of our market purchases, totaling about $1.30 US

Port Mathurin Guard House

The security guard house at the dock

Port Mathurin Dockage

The Iron Mistress docked in Port Mathurin

Getting Back on the Boat

Although our dockage was free, it was challenging getting back to the boat. We had to pull the barge in close to shore to step across...